Game of Thrones: Bronn’s Fate, Explained

Sometimes to make it to the top, it’s important to know the right people. Talent definitely plays a role, but having the right connections can make someone’s journey to success that much easier. Having connections is a greatly prominent factor for many characters in Game of Thrones.

Someone who benefited enormously in Game of Thrones by becoming involved with the right people was the mercenary/sellsword Bronn. Perhaps his greatest connection was with the at one point in time Hand of the King, Tyrion Lannister. Bronn’s attitude helped him succeed, as he was always just following the money, being reluctant to forming relationships past the strictly professional. But even the hard-headed, womanizing assassin found himself caring about a few people by the end of the series.

Who Is Bronn?

Bronn was just another sellsword who was going around being hired by rich folk to kill other people. He never asked questions, he just made sure he was paid, and he’d complete the job, a job he was very skilled at. After being paid, he’d spend the money on booze, armor and weapons, and, of course, at the nearest brothel.

The skilled sellsword had no part in the war for the Iron Throne until Catelyn Stark of Winterfell entered the same Westeros inn he was having a drink at. After Catelyn’s son Bran fell from a tower and was almost killed by an assassin, she found Tyrion Lannister — who was staying at the inn while traveling back to King’s Landing — to be the main suspect. She announced her accusation to the room of strangers and asked for anyone who was willing to help her seek justice upon Tyrion by helping to escort him to trial in the Vale. Bronn was one who stood up and offered his services.

When Tyrion was sentenced to a trial by combat, Bronn offered to fight on his behalf, and won. After Tyrion’s freedom from the Eyrie’s imprisonment, Bronn accompanied him back to King’s Landing where he’d eventually make a steady career for himself.

From there, Bronn built a relationship with Tyrion — who was eventually appointed Hand of the King — and became a Knight and the captain of Tyrion’s personal guards in King’s Landing. While having this new position that paid well and had decent boarding, Bronn’s greatest desire was to have his own castle. Being a Ser was nice, but to be a Lord was what Bronn wanted most of all. But in the meantime, he was willing to fight whomever, as long as he had some money in his pocket, and wine in his belly.

What Battles Does Bronn Fight In?

Before arriving at King’s Landing, Tyrion and Bronn found themselves at the Green Fork where a battle between the Lannisters and the Starks was engaging, later referred to as the Battle on the Green Fork. They recruited a clan of Northmen to fight for them in the battle and charged ahead and won the battle with ease.

Bronn fought in the Battle on the Green Fork, however, viewers never got to see his sword skills in action during the fight, because Tyrion was knocked unconscious immediately and wouldn’t wake again until the end of the battle. The first thing Tyrion sees when he awakes while being carted away is Bronn cleaning his bloodied sword. So, it’s safe to say he was involved in the fighting plenty.

Probably Bronn’s most notable battle appearance was that in the Battle of the Blackwater. In what is one of the greater battles in Game of Thrones, Joffrey Baratheon and his army in King’s Landing face off against his uncle Stannis Baratheon who attempts to overtake the city via his immense and powerful navy. As Stannis’ ships drew near, Tyrion launches his vacant ships that are dumping the green sludge that is Wildfire into the water. Bronn was the one to fire the enflamed arrow into the water and ignite the Wildfire that took out a great deal of Stannis’ ships. As they attempted to retreat, Bronn was also in charge of trapping them in place by linking the chain across the water and preventing the navy from falling back. Because of this, he was appointed a knight.

What Happens to Bronn?

After Tyrion fleas the capital, Bronn lives his life as a married man to Lollys Stokeworth of the Crownlands. The marriage was a plot against Tyrion made by Cersei Lannister so that there would be a great distance between Bronn and Tyrion. Unhappy in the arrangement, Bronn is offered a job by Cersei: to assassinate Tyrion and Jaime Lannister. In return, he’s promised money, the title of Lord, and the best of all, his own castle.

Bronn accepts the job, but is quickly faced with a reconsideration after finding the Lannister brothers and Tyrion offers him Highgarden after the war is over. Bronn finally acts on emotion rather than a payment and decides to take Tyrion’s offer instead.

Once the war is over, Bran Stark is named King of the Seven Kingdoms and Bronn is appointed as Master of Coin. It is one of the more fitting endings to a character in Game of Thrones, because Bronn is awarded lordship, a castle, and the manager of money throughout Westeros.

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