How to Do the Starfield Puddle Glitch (Infinite Credits)

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Bethesda games are renowned for their glitches, and although Starfield is one of the studio’s more well-polished titles, it too boasts its fair share. Not all of these glitches are bad things though, with some allowing players to profit greatly by escaping the map and looting everything from a vendor’s inventory with no real repercussions.

There are a few different places where players can pull this off, but some are a lot more convenient than others. A great place to try it is in Akila City, where players will be able to use this Starfield infinite credits glitch to fill their pockets with cash, as well as some pretty decent items. They won’t need any skills or items, making this one of the easiest video game glitches in recent memory.

Updated September 19, 2023, by Tom Bowen: The earliest Starfield infinite Credits glitches all required players to get out of bounds, which would in turn allow them to steal from a vendor’s inventory with no fear of reprisal. However, more recent methods make it possible for players to steal from unsuspecting vendors without having to get beneath the map, allowing them to perform what has now become known as the Starfield puddle glitch with very little skill or effort required. Initially, there was only one puddle in which this Starfield infinite Credits glitch could be pulled off, but as time has passed, two new ones have been discovered. Now, in addition to the puddle outside Shepherd’s General Store, players can also steal from puddles near The Hitching Post and Rowland Arms. A new video has been added to this guide to show the exact locations of all three Akila City puddles.

How to Get Infinite Credits in Starfield (Easiest Method)

In order to perform the Starfield puddle glitch, players will need to make their way to Akila City, which is on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne star system. Once there, they should head through the gateway and follow the path ahead of them until they come to Shepherd’s General Store. Right in front of the store are two puddles, and if players look down into the furthest one at just the right angle, they’ll be able to see through the map and into the chest containing all of Emerson Shepherd’s wares.

In addition to 5,000 Credits, players will be able to steal around 40,000 Credits worth of goods, after which, they can sell them at some of the other stores and merchants around the city. It will take around 48 UT hours for Shepherd and the other Akila City merchants to restock and get their Credits back, but players can speed up this process by traveling to a planet like Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system, where waiting 24 local hours is the equivalent of waiting 50 hours UT.

Before doing that though, players may want to make their way to the two other locations in Akila City where the Starfield puddle glitch can be pulled off. The first is opposite the Shepherd’s General Store puddle beneath the blue canopy outside the Hitching Post. The second is just to the right of the stairs that lead up to Rowland Arms. The Hitching Post puddle only has 1,200 Credits and a bunch of random alcohol, but the Rowland Arms one has 4,500 Credits, as well as Elegance and The Zapper, two rare pistols that rank among the very best weapons in Starfield.

How Does Starfield’s Infinite Credit Glitch Work?

Much like they did in some of their previous games, rather than placing a vendor’s items in their inventory where players can pickpocket them, the developers opted to put them in a chest that is hidden beneath the map. If Starfield players are able to get under the map near one of these chests, they’ll be able to take all of the contents from it with no repercussions whatsoever. They can then sell everything that they got from the chest to a different vendor and then wait 48 hours or so for the vendor’s stock to reset. At this point, they’ll be able to repeat the process over and over again until they have the desired amount of credits.

How to Perform Starfield’s Infinite Credit Glitch (Old Method)

The easiest place to perform the infinite Credits Glitch in Starfield is Neon Core, so players should fast-travel to the cyberpunk settlement if they’re not already there. It’s on Volii Alpha in the Volii system, which is to the west of Alpha Centauri. Assuming players use fast travel to get there, the region’s Trade Authority will be just to their right when they arrive. They’ll want to use their boost pack to get on top of the yellow sign of the Trade Authority and then make their way up to the ledge on their right.

From this ledge, players will need to reach another ledge high above them and slightly to their left. It’s a good idea to wait for the boost bar to fully recharge before using their boost pack again. Players should also hold off on pushing the analog stick forward until they’re near the peak of their jump to make sure that they get enough height to make it to the ledge. They’ll then need to make another big jump over to their right, which will take them to a rooftop area.

Once they’re at this point, things get a whole lot simpler. Players simply need to follow the roof to their right, jumping over the two high walls that block their way. They’ll eventually drop down to an area with a transparent ceiling and will want to stay slightly to the left here in order to avoid falling through it. It’s also a good idea to boost just before landing so as not to pick up any nasty injuries.

Next, players simply need to walk straight and drop off the ledge in front of them, which will take them to the area beneath the entrance to Ryujin. There are three chests that they can access here, the first of which contains weapons and can be reached by shimmying to the edge of the ledge on which the player finds themself standing. For the other two, players will need to drop down to the layer below and then boost up so that they’re directly beneath the chests. They’ll want to quickly hit the Transfer button when they’re within touching distance, which will enable them to loot the chests.

Between these three chests, players can expect to get around 10,000 Credits per run, as well as another ten to twenty thousand Credits worth of gear. To get back inside the map, players can either jump through the floor above them, drop down into the nothingness beneath them, or fast travel back to Neon Core. They can then sell all of their ill-gotten wares at the Trade Authority or Newell’s general store before waiting 48 hours or so on a chair or bench and repeating the entire process.

Although it may be possible to perform this unlimited Credits glitch with Rank 1 Boost Pack Training, players will definitely need a boost pack with the Power Boost trait. Many stores and vendors sell them, including Outland in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. If they don’t have any in stock when players come to buy one, they can always sit down and wait 24 hours or so for their stock to refresh. Alternatively, players can mod a standard boost pack to give it the Power Boost trait.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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