Starfield: Executive Level Quest Walkthrough (Ryujin Industries)

The Executive Level is the concluding chapter in the Ryujin Industries faction questline. Upon finishing this mission, players will become members of the Operation Bureau and be granted their own room within the corporation. However, what precisely do the votes and persuasions entail in this quest? To provide clarity, this guide offers comprehensive information for Starfield players regarding the Executive Level quest and provides step-by-step instructions on completing it flawlessly.

Executive Level Walkthrough

In the Executive Level mission, players are tasked to persuade the board members of Ryujin Industries to vote in their favor. The options include acquiring Infinity LTD through a buyout or shutting it down entirely, as well as deciding whether to invest in the mind-control device (the Internal Neuromap) or cease its development. Advocating for or against each option will bring about slight alterations to the questline, but these changes will not be significant.

Talk to the Board Members

Starfield’s Executive Level quest begins with a pep talk from Masako, who discloses that acquiring Infinity LTD and introducing the Internal Neuromap is the optimal strategy to safeguard the future of Ryujin Industries. Subsequently, she requests the player’s assistance in negotiating with other board members, persuading them to vote in favor of her proposed decisions.

However, players have the autonomy to manipulate the board members as they see fit. They can either support or oppose Masako’s intentions, resulting in different outcomes. The key factor, however, lies in leveraging the weak points of Ularu, Linden, Veera, Alexis, Dalto, and Genevieve to persuade them successfully.

Consuming Hippolyta will facilitate the persuasion process.

Attend the Meeting

After collecting all the votes, players will need to head to the conference room for an emergency meeting. During the meeting, they will have one more opportunity to change the course of the events by voting for or against Masako as the CEO of Ryujin Industries.

Should You Acquire Infinity LTD

Since it increases players’ likability, it’s best to vote for the Infinity LTD acquisition. This will make it easier to romance any of the companions, as they will like the decision. But it’s worth noting that shutting the company down won’t have any significant negative effect on the storyline.

Should You End the Internal Neuromap

Players who choose a moral path will need to discontinue the mind control device, the Internal Neuromap. This decision will increase their likability among allies and potentially prevent the malicious technology from falling into the wrong hands. However, players also have the option to proceed with the production of the Internal Neuromap, albeit at the cost of incurring a few negative likability points.

Regardless of the players’ choice, they will not lose the free Internal Neuromap device they acquired in this mission.

All Possible Outcomes in the Executive Level Quest

Although not a mainline quest, Executive Level offers three distinctive outcomes: In one scenario, players manage to save the innocent assistant, Imogene; in another scenario, they betray Ryujin Industries and overthrow its CEO; and in the other, they play the role of a double agent who betrays both the company and the mole.

  • Save Imogene: By sparring Imogene’s life and giving her a chance, players will bring her back to Ryujin’s office.
  • Side with Ularu: Players who eliminate Imogene and conceal Ularu’s involvement in the betrayal will witness Ularu remaining in the office while Imogene is permanently absent.
  • Become a Double Agent: It is also possible to align with Ularu until the very last moment and vote against her when she attempts to become the CEO. This way, players will side with Masako at the final moment but will still fail to save Imogene.

The rewards for all outcomes remain consistent, except for the fact that players earn a few thousand extra Credits in the last outcome.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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