Starfield: How to Fix Lung Damage

Lung damage is a pulmonary ailment in Starfield, commonly triggered by toxins and poisons. Players who get this condition will experience a loss of sprinting ability and encounter elevated CO2 levels within their spacesuits.

Lung damage symptoms:

  • Sudden O2 depletion.
  • Sporadic coughs.

Coughing proves to be the most annoying side effect of respiratory problems in Starfield. It’s a dead giveaway to enemies during stealth missions, as it reveals players’ location. For those looking to get rid of this ailment, this guide explains four easy methods for an instant lung damage cure.

How to Cure Lung Damage

To recover from lung damage, players will need to use an Antibiotic Injector. Alternatively, they can treat this condition by consuming Snake Oil, seeking medical advice, or spending a few minutes breathing fresh air. Respiratory diseases, being self-limiting, tend to dissipate naturally, especially if players leave hazardous areas.

  • Use an Injector. Injectors provide immediate relief for lung infections. Players can buy these items in vendors, find them in random loot drops and first-aid boxes, or craft them in the Pharmaceutical Lab.
  • Consume Snake Oil. As a natural remedy for lung damage, Snake Oil can be acquired from merchants, usually priced at 125 Credits or less.
  • Visit a doctor. Medics can cure all afflictions, including respiratory diseases. To get treated, players should visit a medic either at a hospital or local health center and pay them 1,000 Credits.
  • Wait it out. Lung damage is a self-resolving disease in Starfield. Therefore, players can treat it by spending a few in-game hours in a toxin-free environment like their ship.

To verify lung damage cure, pause the game, press the Y button, and double-check the “Prognosis” tab. Unless it displays “Poor,” the affliction has been successfully treated.

For on-the-spot treatment of any ailments, recruit a doctor and assign them to the ship.

Lung Damage Causes

In Starfield, lung damage occurs due to inhalation of toxic gases. Players may also encounter pulmonary issues as a result of sprinting while carrying heavy loads. Essentially, any factor that elevates the CO2 level inside the player’s helmet can lead to lung damage.

How to Prevent Lung Damage

To prevent lung damage, players should wear a sturdy helmet. They will also need to avoid becoming encumbered by transferring their loot either to the ship’s storage or to one of their companions. It is also advisable to steer clear of poisonous gaseous resources unless players have the appropriate equipment to approach them safely.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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