The Crew: Motorfest – How to Get Perf Parts and Upgrade Vehicles

In The Crew: Motorfest, players can upgrade their vehicles using parts collected throughout the game. These “Perf Parts” are used to enhance a vehicle’s performance in a number of different ways. Higher rarity parts can have “perks” that provide additional utility. Players can earn Perf Parts in The Crew: Motorfest in a number of different ways, including treasure hunting, taking part in events and completing feats. This guide will cover the various ways players can get hold of Perf Parts, discuss the perks that can be found on them, and provide information on farming rarer parts.

How to Get Perf Parts in The Crew Motorfest

The simplest way to get Perf Parts is by completing events and feats. Each completion of an event or feat has a decent chance of rewarding the player with a Perf Part compatible with their current vehicle. Repeating an event or feat that requires the type of vehicle the player wants to upgrade is an effective way of farming parts.

One notable method of acquiring parts quite quickly is by taking on the Donut Media Chinatown Slalem and heading right for the final objective without even worrying about hitting all the checkpoints. With a suitably speedy car, this can be done in very little time and regularly rewards parts.

Another option is to take on one of the shorter events in custom mode (unlocked after clearing the playlist the event is from) repeatedly to farm parts. This tends to also reward more money than the previous method but takes a bit longer. Some good options for this are Kiss the Kombi (Vintage Garage Playlist), Detroit Finisher (American Muscle), and Ebisu Style (Made In Japan Playlist, for Drift Vehicles).

Events from the “Hawaii Scenic Tour” playlist are very easy to farm since they only require the player to finish the race. These can be a bit longer than the options above but lack any possibility of failure.

Affix Stats

Perf Parts can come with one or more “Affix Stats” that offer additional benefits when the part is installed on a vehicle. Here’s a list of the Affix Stats and how they work:

Affix Stat



Increase BUCKS gains by x%


Increase XP gains by x%


Increase LOOT drop by x%


Increase LOOT quality by x%


Increase NITRO power by x%

Extra Pump

Increase NITRO refill speed by x%


NOTRO refill by x% during a jump


Increase AIR-NITRO POWER by x%


NITRO refills by x% while braking


NITRO power increases by x% per second while in use


NITRO refills by x% while drifting


NITRO refills by x% when performing figures

Treasure Hunt

Increase RADAR range to detect TREASURE by x%


Increase TREASURE frequency apparition by x% (The rate at which treasure spawns in the world)


Increase collision impact force by x%


Increase SLIPSTREAM power by x%

Air Intake

Increase SLIPSTREAM distance by x%


Increase speed while ahead of a vehicle by x%

Air Outtake

Increase distance detection of the Drag Bump by x% (Speed boost when directly ahead of a vehicle)


Increase the player’s lean bonus by x% for BIKES


Increase SPEED in WATER by x% for ground vehicles


Increase the speed multiplier by x% in DRIFT events


Increase the maximum multiplier by x% in DRIFT events


Increase EXTREME mode efficiency by x% for PLANES


Increase scoring by x% in all point based FEATS


Increase gate allowance by x% in AIR RACE events


NITRO refills by x%when passing perfect gate in AIR RACE events.



Iron Grip

Decrease GRIP loss by x% with grip loss modifier

Clean Driver

Decrease BUCKS loss by x% with CLEAN DRIVING modifier

The bonus granted by an Affix stat varies from part to part. Parts with the same Affix stat will stack the effect for a larger bonus. It is up to the player to decide which Affix stats have the greatest value for their playstyle and/or for a specific vehicle.

Rerolling Affix Stats

Players can reroll their Affix Stats on a part in the upgrade menu. This is called “RECALIBER” and costs some BUCKS and SCRAP. SCRAP is obtained by scrapping parts, which can be done by holding down the button indicated in the lower right when a part is highlighted in the menu.

Since there is a limited amount of space for storing parts, players should scrap any parts that they do not need to ensure they always have room. If the player’s inventory is full, any parts they earn will be sent to their mailbox, accessible from the player menu in the profile section of the main menu.

The Crew: Motorfest is available for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Amazon Luna.

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